What to Expect During a Sacred Energy Healing

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Before we get started, we’ll chat about what led you to schedule a healing and what you’re hoping to get out of the sessions. I’ll provide a brief explanation and address any questions.


Then we’ll start with a short prayer to invite in and honor the Divine energy. I’ll usually guide you to take a few nice deep breaths to relax and be receptive of the healing.

Practitioner Aspects

I will explain what’s going on as the session unfolds. There are times where I will be quiet to concentrate fully on conduiting the energy. I may drum, rattle, sing, or use other sound instruments. This is an intuitive process and every session is different.

Client Aspects

During the healing you might feel the energy moving. It can feel hot or cold, heavy or light, as a pressure or tingling, usually faint. You may also feel a range of emotions. You might not feel anything at all but that doesn’t mean that the healing isn’t working. Some clients are able to feel the energy and some aren’t.

Wrapping it Up

At the end of the healing I will gently bring the client out of the peaceful, meditative state and ask them sit up and catch their bearings. I will then go over anything specific that came up during the healing that I want to reiterate and/or any recommended homework.

Closing Prayer

We’ll then give a prayer of thanks and honor for the Divine healing energy.


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