• Learning how to clear your energy field is an essential and effective tool for people who are sensitive and need help managing their mood and emotions throughout the day. What is your energy field? Einstein's equation of E=MC2 demonstrates that energy is mass times the a constant of the speed of light. Our body is

  • Grounding your energy is a basic and powerful energy management tool to keep you feeling present and calm throughout your day. What does grounding energy mean? We are a divine soul energetically packed into a physical body. Energetically, we have 7 main energy centers or chakras that go along our spine. The heart chakra is

  • ***Smudging and energy healing is an ancient tradition that has been done cross culturally for thousands of years. As they gain in popularity, it’s important to recognize, honor, and maintain the sacredness in these practices. Perform the gathering of your smudging materials with utmost sincerity, respect, love, and sacredness. Materials for Smudging Abalone Shell or

  • Our energetic environments have a huge effect on our spiritual progress. We spend lots of time in our homes, offices, and cars and it’s a great idea to clear these spaces energetically and fill them with love on a periodic basis. It’s very important that your meditation/personal reflection areas of your home are blessed and

  • The frequency of energy healing sessions depends on where the client is currently at and where they would like to go on their healing journey. I usually tell clients to come in for a session so that we can visit and I can assess where they’re at energetically. Here are some general indications and patterns

  • After an energy healing session most clients feel light, refreshed, centered, and peaceful. Clarity is gained and you’ll notice mental and emotional patterns shifting. You’ll also have an increased awareness of what is and isn’t working in your life. Drinking lots of water, spending time outside, resting, and reflecting on what was addressed in your

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