How to Clear the Energy of a Space by Smudging and Prayer

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Our energetic environments have a huge effect on our spiritual progress.

We spend lots of time in our homes, offices, and cars and it’s a great idea to clear these spaces energetically and fill them with love on a periodic basis.

It’s very important that your meditation/personal reflection areas of your home are blessed and cleansed each time that they are used.

Also, if you’re an energy healing practitioner, you’ll want to maintain a clean energetic environment in between clients.

***Before Getting Started

Smudging and energy healing is an ancient tradition that has been done cross culturally for thousands of years. As they gain in popularity, it is important to recognize, honor, and maintain the sacredness in these practices.

Perform this with utmost sincerity, respect, love, and sacredness.


Before you start, close your eyes, and take a few nice deep breaths.

In a sacred and sincere manner, ask that your guides, guardians, angels, and helping spirits be with you to assist and protect you while cleansing the space.

Call upon any guides, angels, saints, or religious figures that you feel connected to.

Shamanic practitioners sometimes call on the Sacred Directions: South, West, North, East, Earth and Sky when performing healings and smudge towards each direction in the space.

Do what feels right and authentic for you.


Clearly state your intention either out loud or mentally of what you’d like to happen in the room. Energy is shifted by our most sincere intentions. I usually ask that the space be cleansed of all energy that isn’t the highest love and light of the Divine. Then I ask that my guides fill the space with the highest vibrations of Divine love and light.


Light your dried herbs chosen for smudging by using a lighter or match. Learn about choosing smudging herbs! Then blow gently on the flame to extinguish it after it is lit. Wave your hand or a feather back and forth over the ember on the herb to feed oxygen and produce more smoke.

Then fan the smoke around the room paying special attention to corners as energy usually likes to get stuck there. Smudge any objects that you feel guided to that might get used often by different people.

When weather permits I open the windows and intend for the stagnant energy to exit the window to be cleansed by the earth and sky.

I also imagine the entire space being filled with white light as I move around the room.

Give Thanks

Thank all of your helping spirits that you initially invoked for their support and assistance in a sincere and sacred manner.


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