What to Expect After an Energy Healing

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After an energy healing session most clients feel light, refreshed, centered, and peaceful.

Clarity is gained and you’ll notice mental and emotional patterns shifting.

You’ll also have an increased awareness of what is and isn’t working in your life.

Drinking lots of water, spending time outside, resting, and reflecting on what was addressed in your session is highly recommended post healing session.


We are a spirit, an energy in a physical body.

Energy work can sometimes make people feel “floaty” or somewhat “disconnected” from their body. What this means is that energetically your field isn’t grounded into the earth or into your body.

To help ground your energy, take a few nice deep breaths, and imagine that you’re growing tree roots out the bottoms of your feet, and push them way deep into the earth’s layers. Doing this exercise outside is best. Do this a few times a day after a healing session if you feel ungrounded.

Intense Healing Sessions

During more intense healing sessions where a lot of energy is purged, clients might experience:


Symptoms similar to a cold/flu onset

Emotions that were suppressed

Needing to time to process and be left alone

This is very normal and these symptoms will only last a few days. When we shift a lot of things energetically, it takes some time for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being to process and renew. Be very gentle with yourself during this time and give yourself what you need.


Usually a practitioner will make some recommendations during your session to help support you. You will get the best results if you make changes in your day to day life to move forward spiritually.


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