How Often Do I Need an Energy Healing Session?

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The frequency of energy healing sessions depends on where the client is currently at and where they would like to go on their healing journey.

I usually tell clients to come in for a session so that we can visit and I can assess where they’re at energetically.

Here are some general indications and patterns that I have noticed:

Clients with Chronic Issues

Clients that have been diagnosed with a chronic disease usually have lots to work on. Their disease didn’t get there overnight, and it usually won’t disappear in 1 session. I recommend that they try at least 4-5 sessions on a regular basis* to see how they respond and go from there.

Energetically Sensitive and Energy Healing Students

Energetically sensitive people and energy healing students are generally more responsive to energy healings and benefit significantly from having sessions on a regular basis*.

Energy healing students benefit from coming in on a regular basis since they are usually energetically sensitive and are practicing energy healing on others. Students also progress more as an individual and as a practitioner if they have healings regularly.

Stuck Here and There

There’s another group of clients that come in when they’re feeling stuck. I usually see them 1-2 times a year and that works perfectly for them.

Ways to Maintain your Energy with Less Frequent 1 on 1 sessions:  (with Links)

Check out Energy Maintenance Classes **Coming soon!

Attend a Group Healing


* I consider a regular basis as every 8-12 weeks. This is a very vague interval stated so that you get a general idea. I may recommend more or less depending on each client and their goals.

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