Choosing Herbs and Materials for Smudging

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***Smudging and energy healing is an ancient tradition that has been done cross culturally for thousands of years. As they gain in popularity, it’s important to recognize, honor, and maintain the sacredness in these practices.

Perform the gathering of your smudging materials with utmost sincerity, respect, love, and sacredness.

Materials for Smudging

Abalone Shell or bowl: This will hold your herbs. A shell is more commonly used to represent the element of water.

Herbs: Herbs represent the element of earth. I have more details about herbs listed below.

Lighter or match: A lighter with a longer end is easiest to use. This represents the element of fire.

Feather or paper fan: This helps to direct the smoke. A feather represents the element of air. I also use my hand in a pinch.


Herbs for Smudging

You can use any dried herb that feels right to you for smudging. The Four Sacred Herbs used traditionally for ceremony and smudging are white sage, tobacco, cedar, and sweetgrass. You can purchase a dried blend of these herbs from Shaman’s Market


I also use eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, basil, palo santo, or dried rose petals periodically depending on what I feel the space or client needs.

Herb Suggestions

  • It is great to grow and dry your own herbs at home. As the plants grow you can infuse them with your love and prayers. Then as you use the herb for smudge, it is filled with the vibrations of love and the essence of your land. Before you harvest the plant to dry, thank it for its life and bury some tobacco or other offering as an energy exchange.
  • Before you fill your bowl with herbs that you have purchased, thank and bless the plant for its life.
  • Be intentional with where you purchase your herbs. Shop businesses that ethically harvest the plant and work with indigenous cultures to support their love and effort.


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