Sacred Energy Healing Defined

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Energy healing is starting to become recognized for the powerful tool that it is.

What is energy healing and how does it work?


Everything is made of energy. Einstein’s equation demonstrates that energy = mass multiplied by a constant, which is the speed of light squared.

So anything that we see as mass is made of energy.

We have energy centers (chakras) and energetic pathways (meridians) in our body. We also have an energetic layers that extend 5-7 feet out from our bodies.

Another Point of View

Humans need food and water to live. Our cells digest this food and water and turn it into fuel for our physical bodies to sustain us. The energy that moves these cells is our consciousness, the Divinity that we are. After we die those cells and our physical body is still there. The Divinity has left and transformed. The cells cannot perform their work without life force energy, our Divinity.

Energy Blocks = Problems

Our energy is what manipulates our physical body and what we manifest in our physical life. If our energy is blocked or heavy, so is our physical body and so is our life.

Our energy gets messy from:

Emotions that were not dealt with and subsequent coping mechanisms

Current and past life trauma

Ancestral patterns

Our relationship with ourselves and with God

Every day stress and overwhelm


Energy Healing = Solution

During an energy healing, a practitioner opens up their energy field to allow Divine energy to pass through their field to the client. It’s essentially a prayer. Divine energy flows to the client and heals for your highest and greatest good. When the energetic component gets addressed and healed, the client experiences a shift physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It gets to the root of the issue whereas most physical interventions are just trying to shift the energy through a physical means.


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