Long Distance Energy Healing FAQ

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How Does Long Distance Energy Healing Work?

Energy exists across all time and space.

Energy practitioners are trained to scan and work with energy regardless of time or location.

A practitioner can work with someone’s energy across the globe by having the client’s permission and intention for the healing.

Effectiveness of Long Distance Work

Long Distance Energy work is just as effective as an in person session.

In fact, some practitioners feel that long distance sessions can be more effective.

When sessions are done in person, the client and practitioners’ energy fields are intersecting and makes it a bit more challenging for the practitioner to decipher between the two. The physical distance between client and practitioner can be helpful.

Since clients can control their physical comfort in their own space, they are able to relax more than when coming into an office space. When clients are more relaxed they tend to surrender more to the incoming energy.

Other Considerations

Long Distance Energy work is an effective and convenient option for clients seeking a healing.

One drawback is that the practitioner isn’t able to control the energy of the space that you’re in.

Here are a few tips to manage the energy of the space where you receive long distance healings:

  • Tidy the room up that you are using. Everything is energy, including all of your belongings. If there’s a lot of “stuff” in there it can affect your field. Only keep items that are used and loved.
  • Open the windows and let the space air out before a healing. Imagine old stagnant energy leaving, and new, loving energy taking its place.
  • Create and enforce boundaries during your healing time. Let family members know that you wish not to be disturbed. Remove any distractions that you feel necessary.


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