Clearing Your Energy Field

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Learning how to clear your energy field is an essential and effective tool for people who are sensitive and need help managing their mood and emotions throughout the day.

What is your energy field?

Einstein’s equation of E=MC2 demonstrates that energy is mass times the a constant of the speed of light. Our body is mass so therefore energy. We have 7 main energy centers that run along our spine which are called chakras. We have energetic pathways through the body called meridians. We also have layers of energy that encase our physical body and stretch out around us in an egg shape. These layers extend 5-7 feet around our entire body. These layers comprise our energy field.

Our energy is constantly changing by our will and thoughts.

How does my energy field get mucky?

Our energy field gets mucky when we’re not aligned with our Divinity. Fears, worries, stress, trauma, poor thought patterns, poor environment, unacknowledged feelings, and several other factors cause our field to be clogged and stagnant.

What happens when my energy field is mucky?

Most people feel heavy, confused, overwhelmed, anxious, worried, and overall have a hard time staying in a good place mentally. Here it’s hard to make decisions and operate well overall.

Why is clearing my energy so important?

  • Finding your True North

Most people struggling with their mood and emotions are not aligned in their Divinity. After we clear our energy, we are energetically aligned and in our power. When we clear our energy frequently, and feel how it feels to be aligned, we are able to more quickly become aware of when we aren’t aligned. At this point, it’s easier to realign instead of going down the rabbit hole of poor moods and negative mental chatter.

  • Noticing Your Triggers

Once you become more aware of your energy, and when it’s off, then you’ll start to notice the things that are triggering your energy to tank. Then you can start to make corrections on who/what’s important to keep in your thoughts and environment and what’s not. This is how your spiritual life starts to progress.

  • Getting the Most out of your Healings

Clearing your energy consistently will help you get a lot more out of your healings. I usually spend the first 15 minutes of a session clearing and grounding energy. If clients practice this energy management consistently at home, we’re able to focus more on the big stuff during our time together. Since clearing your energy gives you more awareness of your triggers, we’re more easily able to pinpoint what we need to work on during your session.


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