Grounding Your Energy

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Grounding your energy is a basic and powerful energy management tool to keep you feeling present and calm throughout your day.

What does grounding energy mean?

We are a divine soul energetically packed into a physical body.

Energetically, we have 7 main energy centers or chakras that go along our spine. The heart chakra is a pivot point. The 3 chakras below the heart deal with our connection to the physical (ourselves, our community, our physical needs, etc).

The 3 chakras above out heart deal with our connection to the Divine (our truth, inner knowing, etc).

As we go through life the energy in our chakras becomes unbalanced and/or blocked. If our lower chakras don’t have any energy moving through them, but the upper chakras do, we are not grounded.

What does it feel like if I’m not grounded?

When you’re not grounded you feel like you are in the world, but not of the world. To me it feels like I’m watching life as a movie; I’m observing but not experiencing it.

You might have trouble concentrating, remembering, or just feel spaced out. You also might struggle with overthinking, over analyzing, mood disorders, etc.

What causes me to not be grounded?

  • Stress and overwhelm closing up lower chakras
    • Our lower chakras represent our relationship to the earth, each other, ourselves and our physical day to day happenings. When life gets overwhelming those lower chakras tend to close up and/or get blocked. Then, this blockage can create too much energy flowing above your heart chakra. This is where people get “in their heads.” They overthink, stress, worry, etc. since there is too much energy flowing up there. This is very typical of those who struggle with anxiety or depression.


  • Overemphasis on spiritual connection
    • It’s fantastic to meditate, pray, and have a great relationship with God; in fact, I highly recommend it. BUT we’re meant to put all that Divinity that we seek out in our spiritual practice into this physical world through those lower chakras and into the physical. That’s why we are here having this physical experience; to pull Divine light and love through our energy body (chakras/spine) into the physical world. There’s a Zen Buddhism quote that I love that goes: “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” This is interpreted in many ways but to me it points to the importance of enlightenment and our physical work here on earth. 

Being Mindful of Grounding your Energy

I would say that about half of my clients coming in for sessions are not grounded. Almost all that come in experiencing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm are not grounded.

When your energy is grounded, you are present, peaceful, and calm. It’s easier to concentrate and get things done. You are alert, open and not as easily upset.

If you feel like your energy isn’t grounded, I would recommend grounding your energy 2-3 times per day to get yourself used to the feeling of your energy being grounded. Then, when your energy starts to float up, you’ll be able to notice it and pull yourself back down to keep yourself feeling more steady instead of riding a roller coaster.

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