Creating Sacred Space at Home

People are spending lots more time at home lately due to the pandemic. With the winter months looming ahead we’re looking around our house, wondering where we can have a corner of sanity amidst children, spouses, pets, and chaos.

Especially during stressful times, it’s important that we create space for ourselves, physically and energetically, so that we can take a few moments each day to connect to inner peace.

Here are a few tips to help you to create sacred space at home:

Pick a Spot

You don’t need an entire room dedicated to your sacred space. Perhaps it’s a corner in your bedroom where you have a comfortable chair, end table, and shelf to put some goodies that are items that you hold near and dear to your heart. Rooms that are out of the “busy” area of your home are best. Rooms that have a door with a lock on them to keep pests out are even better.

Determine Your Connection Method

What would you like to use this spot for? Journaling? Drinking coffee/wine? Meditating? Reading? Practicing Reiki on yourself? Pick your favorite 2 and then create the physical space to best accommodate your preferred methods.

Bring Outdoors In

When you tell people to close their eyes and go somewhere peaceful, they almost always visualize being outside. They usually go to a forest, to the beach, or to a star soaked sky. Include elements such as plants, water fountains, candles, crystals, or wind chimes to bring the outdoors in.

Play in to your Senses

Think of your 5 senses and what items tend to calm them. Try incorporating soft music to hear, a soft pillow to touch, a favorite essential oil or candle to smell, a chocolate treat to taste, and a beautiful view or picture nearby to view. Burning sage and soft music always put me into sacred space!

Polish off with Sacred Accessories

Accessorize this space with an items that you love or that make you feel happy with you look at them.

Here are some ideas:

  • Photo of a loved one (living or passed)
  • Rosary or prayer book
  • Funky journal cover and pens
  • Affirmation or guidance cards
  • Your favorite crystals
  • Any special gifts or notes that you’ve received to remind you of how special you are

Create Boundaries

Your home is your sacred space these days, and you need to lay down strict boundaries for creating the physical space and keeping everyone out of it. Set an audible timer for young children or needy spouses and say that you ARE NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, allowed to be bothered during your quiet time in your sacred space. You can set up as pretty of a space as you want, but if you don’t create boundaries around your time, it will be a waste!

Sacred Space is waiting for you here!

I would LOVE to create sacred space for you to experience peace amidst the chaos! Let Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® and Vibrational Sound Healing give you a break from the overwhelm.

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Much love and light to you today,