3 Reasons Why You Have Anxiety and How Reiki Can Help

Anxiety and panic attacks can be the most debilitating condition that anyone can experience.

Sleepless nights, chronic feelings of overwhelm, and constant course re-directing to avoid triggers are just the tip of the ice berg of inconveniences that anxiety offers.

After my husband was diagnosed with cancer I experienced terrible anxiety and panic attacks. After trying several different alternatives to medication that were all unhelpful, my journey led me to someone who offered reiki.

Reiki seemed creepy to me, but I was at a point that I was willing to try anything!

As a client and practitioner, I’ve identified 3 of the most common reasons as to why clients have anxiety, and how reiki can help:

  1. You’re holding onto energy that doesn’t belong to you.

Our physical bodies are made of energy. We also have an energy field around our physical body that extends 5-7 feet all the way around the body.

As we go through life, we give away our energy and we take on other people’s energy. Energy always seeks balance, so if you’re around people and places with lots of negative energy you end up taking on heavy energy. Then, that energy adds up and you feel overwhelmed all of the time.

In a reiki session, the first thing that I do on every client is clear their energy field. I also teach this practice during the Level 1 reiki class.

2. You’ve experienced some form of trauma.

After my husband finished with all of his cancer treatments and received a clean bill of health, I started experiencing intense anxiety. I was having post traumatic stress disorder from we had went through.

Usually everybody has some sort of trauma in their life. However, as a society, we are not taught how to feel and heal these emotions.

Not only that, but then we usually feel guilty for the feelings that we are having about the situation. That only adds fuel to the fire.

During a reiki session, I’m able to feel if you have any emotions that you have not acknowledged. Once those emotions are acknowledged, the energy is released, and a weight lifts off of your body.

3. You’re not doing what you should be, and you know it.

We all have intuition. It tells us when it’s time to move forward or stay put. It tell us when to stop and when to go.

However, we don’t always listen to this guidance. We ignore it, and we hope that that voice eventually shuts up.

Then we experience what I call an “energy rub.” Your intuitive energy and your ignorance energy rub together which creates a friction which feels like anxiety.

And until you put on your big kid pants and do what your intuition tells you to, you’ll be anxious.

If you’re experiencing anxiety and are needing a little help getting it cleared from someone who’s been there, I would LOVE to help you!!!

Make an appointment today!

Much love and light to you today,