Why Do Bad Things Happen?

As clients come in for Reiki sessions, one of the most common answer that they are looking for is the answer to the question, “Why did (insert traumatic experience here) happen to me?”While I don’t ever have the exact answer to that question, here’s what I do know.

Each soul makes a contract before it incarnates on earth

Earth’s existence serves as a school. We incarnate over and over again to learn lessons to ultimately become a more loving soul.The ups in life don’t ever teach us what the downs can. Before we incarnate we sort of “order up” parts of our life. We see that we need to learn a certain lesson, and we predestine a situation to happen to teach us. Since we’re pretty thick skulled in this existence, we may have put a traumatic experience into our contract so that we learn the lesson once and for all.

We even make contracts with each other

We tend to incarnate with the same group of souls over and over again. Again, for the reason of learning lessons, our souls can make contracts with each other that say: “I’m going to do (______) to you in order to teach you (_______).”In some situations where a child dies very young, that soul may have put together a contract knowing that they would die young to teach a lesson to a parent/sibling/etc.

It’s sooooo much bigger than us…

In all honesty, we as human beings are not able to even begin to comprehend the big picture.The sooner we can accept that, the happier we’ll be.We will probably never know why, and we have to choose to accept that and move forward in the most positive way.When I had my son I asked a good friend of mine that is a shaman to perform a baby blessing ceremony for our new addition. She opened the ceremony with, “this life is full of great joy and great sorrow.” I thought that was a little somber for something as joyous as a baby being brought into the family, but the reality is that we are never guaranteed an easy life here. We ARE guaranteed free will though. And with free will we have the choice to be a victim to circumstances or to embrace the lessons that sorrow has to teach you and grow.If you’re ready to #UnearthandHealYourSoul I’d love to go on your journey with you!Contact me for Integrative Health Coaching or a Reiki session today!

Much love and light to you today,


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