Who Am I and What Do I Want? Part 1

In February 2013 when I decided that I was Done Running the Rat Race my next questions were:Who Am I and What Do I Want?It seems like all of us should know who we are and what we want, right? Easy peasy?At least in my case…..not so much. In fact, I’m STILL on that journey!And I’m not the only one that struggles with this. These are two of the most common questions that come up when working with clients in Integrative Health Coaching and Reiki sessions. When people decide to make their health and happiness a priority the first thing they need to do is step into their TRUE self.So how do we find the answer to Who Am I?

Who were you as a kid?

When we are young kids, we don’t have that “social filter” put on us. Kids ARE exactly what they ARE, no apologies or filters! As we grow up and into the social filter (parents, teachers, peers, education systems, TV programming, marketing, etc) we mold into what we think that society wants us to be and we veer away from that unfiltered amazing-ness. Who were you as a kid? Were you loud or quiet? Were you calm or wild? How did you act with others? What was important to you? If you have trouble remembering ask your parents.

Ask Others

I took some advice from someone somewhere along the line and asked people that I felt close to in my life how they would describe me. Now don’t go out and ask this question to just any ol’ asshole. Find a kind, loving, safe person in your life and ask them how would they describe you. We are in our own heads so much that we can’t see the tree in the forest. It’s incredibly helpful to get a different perspective from someone else.


One of the best tools that I use personally (and most of my Integrative Health Coaching clients do also) is journaling. During my time at Institute of Integrative Nutrition we watched a lecture from Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way. I found her and her story to be so inspiring that I Amazon Primed that book immediately and began journaling daily. I particularly like to use journaling prompts so here are some for you:I know for sure that I’m……………I think I may be……………..I might want to be………………….If I didn’t give a shit of what others thought of me, I would…………………………….

Ask for Guidance

While doing Reiki sessions for clients, one of the top 4 most common messages that I relay from guides is, “ask us for help!” Put the intention out there that you’re on a mission to figure out who you are and what you want and that it would be really nice if you could get some help 🙂 Then pay attention. Someone will say something, you might hear a lyric on the radio or read a phrase in a book that just really stands out to you and you’ll get your answer.

Ask ME!

Reiki is also another tool that helped me to discover my true self. When I went to my teacher for Reiki sessions, she could pick up on my energy and if I was/wasn’t taking actions that are in alignment with my true, authentic self. This was so helpful for me and it’s one of the biggest reasons why I offer Reiki services and teach Reiki classes. (Level 1 Class is coming up in October! Learn more HERE!) Next month we’ll figure out the answer to What Do I Want?!

Much love and light to you today,


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