What You Resist Persists

What Keeps Hanging Over Your Head?

An old farm house always has it’s share of charm.Floors that creak.Uneven construction.And occasionally, and unwelcome guest in the form of a rodent.One evening as a child in the farmhouse that I grew up in, bedtime grew near. As my sister was on her way to bed, she discovered that there was a bat in the upstairs. The upstairs contained just our bedrooms and a space to walk between them.We would be damned before we crawled up into our rooms to spend the night with a bat.

My Dad was instantly recruited to exterminate this bat. He dutifully explored every nook and cranny of the upstairs while my Mom, sister, and I headed outside on this summer evening to watch the stars as the newscasters told us that there would be a meteor shower.

After a length of time, and a supposedly “thorough” search, my Dad gave up and told us to come inside for the night. Being that the bat was upstairs and so were our bedrooms, my parents begrudgingly agreed to let us sleep in their bedroom for the night. My parents had a strict “no kids in the bed….EVER” policy and my sister and I were each assigned a rug on either side of the bed. Dad went upstairs to rescue our pillows and blankets to accompany our rug accommodations.

We all settled in Mom and Dad’s bedroom for the night. Dad worked hard to bat-proofed us in by shutting the door and sticking linens all around it to ensure that the bat would not get through any cracks or crevices. We all fell fast asleep with the security of knowing that the bat couldn’t get into our cozy room for the night.

When morning drew near, my farmer father was due in the barn for his chores before dawn. He wanted to get dressed without turning on the light and awaking us all so he grabbed a flashlight to look for his clothing. As he turned on the flash light and shined it over to the closet, something caught his eye. He moved the flash light back over and noticed something odd on the light fixture above Mom and Dad’s bed.

Suspended off of the light fixture was the bat that we tried so hard to avoid. Despite all of our search and bat proofing efforts, the bat had somehow found it’s way into Mom and Dad’s bedroom and kept us company all night long. So here was the bat suspended over my father’s wife and children who were sound asleep underneath. The first idea that popped into his head was to get the bat out right away. He went into the kitchen and selected a weapon of choice which happened to be a frying pan. He came into the bedroom and smacked the bat off of the light fixture. The bat landed right on my slumbering Mom’s foot. Dad continued to smack the bat on the bed until my Mom woke up wondering what the hell was going on. My sister and I continued to sleep on our assigned rugs on either side of the bed during this match.You just can’t make this stuff up.

This favorite childhood story reminds me of how sometimes we get so caught up in working so hard to get rid of the things that we don’t want in life.We don’t want the extra weight.

We don’t want the unfulfilling job.

We don’t want a loveless marriage.

We resist these things as we do not want them in our life.

We try SO HARD to eat better. We try SO HARD to find fulfillment in our career. We try SO HARD to make relationships work.

And yet it’s all still there. Like a bat hanging over your head all night long.

A few months ago I came across a quote from Eckhart Tolle, the author of “The Power of Now.” (Which is a life changing book by the way.) He states:“Accept everything as if you had chosen it.” What you resist, persists! Whatever energy you choose to give towards a certain situation is what you’re going to get back. That’s the Law of Attraction at work.One of my coaching tools in my Integrative Health Coaching Program is the “choose your perspective” tool that is especially effective in all areas, but particularly the weight loss category. People usually come in to lose weight because they just can’t stand themselves anymore. They hate how they look and feel and want to be different (resist) and have tried to make changes but to no avail (persist). I then show them that that is one perspective that they are choosing, and ask them if there is a different perspective that they could choose.

Maybe extra weight helped them to be more accepting of other’s that are over weight.

Maybe the weight is there to teach them how to lovingly take care of themselves so that one day they may be able to teach someone else. (This was my plight that you can read about HERE.)

Or maybe we love ourselves and our bodies and just want them to be happy and healthy! (Accept as if you had chosen it.)

Which perspective feels better for you? What areas of your life are you resisting? What if we had chosen this struggle as a teacher? What if it could just be easy?

Sometimes, as hard as we try to resist things, it’s easier to just flow with life. To accept it as it is, to learn the lesson, and to move forward.

I sometimes wonder if we would have just accepted the fact that we had a bat in the house and went to bed if it would have just made it’s way out of the house on it’s own?

It did give us a pretty good story to share though. 🙂

Have a happy, healthy day!


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