What To Do When You Can’t Stand Yourself

Do you have days where you just can’t stand yourself?

I’m yelling at my husband for something trivial and pointless, and as the swear words are leaving my mouth, I know that I’m being ridiculous.

The look on his face 2nds my “being ridiculous” assumption.

You might wake up feeling off. Or someone at work might get under your hide. Or your spouse pushes those buttons that they know how to push SO WELL!

And then it happens.

We’re frustrated. Irritated. Pissed off. Cursing.

Yelling at your kids and anyone else who walks in the door for really no decent reason.

And you just can’t seem to get our head in a decent place……and it’s literally only 10:00 am?!

How do we shift our day so that we don’t end up in a bottle of wine?

1. Stop and Give Gratitude

One of the best ways to shift our energy into a more positive direction is to stop and make a mental or literal list of things that we’re thankful for. If you’re reading this….that means you have a computer or smart phone and that says that your survival needs are well more than met. Be thankful!

2. Go Outside and Go For A Walk

Being outside and physically active is a double whammy to turn that frown upside down. The sunshine and fresh air brings us down to earth and whispers to us that our problems, in the big scheme of things, really aren’t that big of a deal. Walking moves and balances that pent up energy and gives our minds something else to think about.

3. Let it OUT

This is one of my favorites. When I just can’t stand myself for one more second I go somewhere alone, where nobody will hear me, and scream bloody murder like a crazy person. Go in your car. Get away from the situation, and just let it all hang out! Curse. Tell that person what you really want to tell them. Throw something. Break something. Whatevs. Just do what you need to do until you feel like it’s all out.

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Have a happy, healthy day!