Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is This My BS After All?

Love Thy Self, BS and All

We all have our pet peeves right?

For some it’s loud chewing.

For others it’s another driver not using a blinker.

For me it was people who turned up their nose and acted like their shit didn’t stink.

It just made my skin crawl.

I’ll never forget when I was in high school. I had went to our small town Friday night football game. I left at half time, deciding that I would rather catch some shut eye than the football team’s sub-optimal performance.

I was walking to the parking lot when it was dark and happened to walk past a classmate of mine at the time. Like right on the SAME EXACT side walk.

I, having been taught manners, looked at this fellow classmate and said, “Hey! Enjoy the game.”

They LITERALLY looked at me, heard what I said, turned up their nose, and walked on past without saying a word.


After my mental breakdown I really started to do some self inventory of my entire life, but specifically who I was and who I really wanted to be in this life.

My reiki teacher that helped me crawl out of the pit during my break down taught me the concept of mirroring. She said that what you hate about others is a reflection of a part of yourself that you don’t like that needs healing.

After I heard her explanation, I searched for the one thing about people that I can’t stand the most.

People that think they’re better than everyone else.

Seriously?!? How can this apply to me? I don’t think that I’m better than anybody? That must not be true.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, an image of my older sister popped into my head.

She told me time, and time, and time again when we were fighting that I should stop acting like I’m better than everyone else.

Wow. Definitely a hard pill to swallow.

I decided that she was right. I had judged others and tried to think of ways that I was better than them just to compensate for my low self esteem over the years.

Certainly a part of myself that needed to be healed.

I guess this was my BS after all.

Think of that person or behavior in your life that totally drives you crazy.

What is that person or behavior reflecting back to you? Is this your BS after all?

I always wondered why some people and behaviors irritated one person, but not the other.

Makes sense, right?

Part of loving ourselves is totally and completely accepting who we are. Flaws, BS, and all.

We all have our own lessons and our own journeys, not to be judged or compared to another. Understanding the concept of mirroring is just a simple tool for us to use to bring awareness to the parts of ourselves that need healing so that we can learn our lessons and enjoy the crazy, hot mess of life.Would you like to learn more ways to Love Thy Self?Check out the details HERE of our upcoming Love Thy Self Workshop and Love Thy Self 6 Month Group Coaching Program!

Have a happy, healthy, no BS day!


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