Holy Fire® Reiki – Defining and My Experience

What is Holy Fire® Reiki?

Holy Fire® Reiki is an upgrade energy from the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Reiki by definition is spiritually guided life force energy. It is energy from source (God, Spirit, whatever term you use) that is brought through a Reiki practitioner to the client. During the session, the energy is guided by God (I’m just going to use that term for ease; please insert what best resonates with you) to heal your mind, body, and spirit wherever it needs to be.
In Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, an attunement is given from the teacher to participants in a reiki class to open their energy pathways to better channel this life force energy in.In Holy Fire® Reiki, a placement is given instead. A placement is where the teacher leads a guided meditation and then energetically steps out of the way so that a class participant receives the pathway opening directly from God. This process is much more powerful and effective since the energy doesn’t have to pass through a teacher.

God or Source energy doesn’t change. It is what it is, in its’ perfection. That’s what we are tapping into during a reiki session. This has not and will not change. As energetic beings that are evolving, the energies that allow us to tap into this energy are changing, and will continue to change as we evolve. This is why the reiki process has evolved to Holy Fire®. My Experience with Holy Fire® Reiki

I was attuned Level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho in August of 2017. While it’s been a fun tool that I’ve used during effectively in healing sessions since, I’ve felt that the collective energies have changed so much that my tool felt outdated. In the last year I started to feel stagnant in my personal growth. While I often journal, read, and watch education videos through television or social media, it’s been a while since I’ve taken an in person class and Holy Fire® Reiki has always been an interest of mine.

It was on my list to take the Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master class this fall with an instructor in Black River Falls, WI. However, because of the recent current events, William Lee Rand, the original teacher to channel and teach Holy Fire®, offered an online class to learn about Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® and also offered an energy upgrade for it. It also included instructions on how to teach online (reiki is not traditionally taught online) as this virus isn’t going anywhere soon.

The class was nothing less than magical. I love the idea that the placements and ignitions are received straight from God and it’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The energy of Holy Fire® is so peaceful, content, and flowing. I’m still on my placement and ignition high but this is the best that I’ve ever felt mentally so far. With my strict Catholic background I was taught that God was something so much better than us, and that no matter what we did, that we were sinners and we better get our butts to confession often. That background has always made me feel so disconnected and so inferior. The reality of it is, is that we are all a part of God. We always have, and always will have God’s divinity as a part of us. Our pains, sorrows, and frustrations are a result of this feeling of disconnection. This training helped me to rediscover that connection, and it feels so amazing. I’ve always loved to share and teach about Reiki but this has definitely reignited my passion on a whole new level. I’m so excited to share this feeling with you!

Because of this, I’ve decided to put together an evening where you get to experience Holy Fire® for free, in your underwear, via zoom! Check it out! I have also decided to teach a combination of traditional Usui/Holy Fire® III to my students as I only want the best for them. These classes are now open to more students as I shifted them to online so if you’re interested you can learn more about them here.

If you have any questions about this, please join in during the Holy Fire® Experience next week to learn more and experience it. If you are unable to attend or have more questions, please contact me via email at wellnessnsoul@hotmail.com

Much love and light to you today,