Feeling crappy? Here’s what to do:

The pandemic has brought lots of tough feelings to the surface for all of us. Feelings of overwhelm, frustration, anger, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and chaos seems to be the norm these days. How do we move forward with these tough feelings weighing us down?

I like to think of heavy feelings as bumpers at the bowling alley. We (the bowling ball) are going on our merry little way and then something rubs against us (the bumper). It’s irritating. It slows us down. It re-directs us.
But ultimately, it keeps us from going into the gutter. Heavy feelings are no different. Heavy feelings suck, but they’re meant to guide us to something different. They are soul directing props. They’re coming out and saying, “Hey! Hey you! Pay attention to me! There’s something that’s not in alignment here.”

When we have heavy feelings, we go into fix mode. What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing instead? Why did this happen to me? How can I avoid this pain in the future?

While these are all good questions to ask, they keep us away from doing the work that we’re really needing to do, which is just acknowledging these feelings, and giving the rest to Spirit.

Here’s a step by step guide to acknowledge these feelings and move forward on a positive way.

  1. Sit or lie down and take some nice deep breaths
  2. Pick a word to describe what exactly it is that you’re feeling
  3. Determine where you’re feeling it in your physical body
  4. Take a moment and just embody it; really let yourself just feel it.
  5. Now have this conversation with the feeling as if the feeling is separate from you. I’ll use frustration as an example:

“Well hello there frustration. Man am I feeling you today. I’m feeling you in my chest and stomach for sure. You have been heavy and almost debilitating for me today. You’ve really put my body and mind into a tizzy.
But now, I’m going to take this moment to really embody and feel you.

I love and thank you for getting my attention.

I love and thank that you’re directing me, teaching me, and here for my highest good.

I’m not resisting you anymore. I’m just acknowledging you and flowing with you and that’s it. Thank you. I love you.”

6. Now give it to Spirit. Here’s another example: “Spirit, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to feel this heavy and debilitating frustration. I now put this heavy feeling into your hands for you to help me understand it and move forward in a positive direction. I am now giving this to you. Thank you. I love you.”

Ahhh…..that feels better doesn’t it?

Are you needing more support in unloading these crappy feelings? I would LOVE to support you in this process! Schedule a reiki appointment with me today to keep unloading!

Be proud of who you are and the work that you’re doing.

Much love and light to you today,