Empaths Have to Accept 1 Thing

I’m coming to you after teaching some amazing students in Holy Fire® Reiki classes over the weekend! In my experience teaching classes, I’ve noticed that each group has something in common that they tend to struggle with. That’s why participants end up gathering in a sacred healing space.

The group message was so good that I had to share it with you.

If you are an empath you have to accept the fact that you are high maintenance.

Now this isn’t a physical high maintenance of lots of clothes, lots of make-up, picky about your surroundings, etc.

This is an emotional and energetic high maintenance.

On a very regular basis, empaths need to be left the hell alone for long periods of time.

Being empathic is gut wrenchingly exhausting.


  • Balance everyone in social situations. They keep everyone happy so that they don’t have to feel the negative emotions of someone’s unhappiness.
  • Listen, feel and sense with every fiber of their being.
  • Care too much.
  • Have a hard time saying no.
  • Struggle with boundaries.
  • Tend not to ask for help.

During Reiki sessions we work on healing those tendencies to give us more of our energy back but it definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

So in the meantime we need to be left the hell alone for long periods of time.

Empaths are not like everybody else. They are highly sensitive and require much more time and space to themselves.

Accept the fact that you are high maintenance and need to be left the hell alone often and for long periods of time. 🙂

Much love and light to you today,


Life can feel overwhelming and chaotic at times!

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