Being Intuitive Isn’t Evil Or Scary. Here’s Why:

When the average person hears the word “intuition” they usually imagine some cloak clothed gypsy sitting by her crystal ball dishing out loads of BS for her daily bread. Feelings of fear, apprehension, and “get it away from me” are usually accompanied by this image.

I can easily paint this picture as this is exactly how I felt at the start of my spiritual journey. I was VERY concerned about where “psychics” retrieved answers. I wondered if I would burst into flames the next time that I decided to step into a church.

Yet as I regularly attended reiki sessions from a Reiki Master that was very intuitive, I experienced life changing results in relieving my anxiety and panic attacks. Her ability to use her intuition and connect with my Divine guidance helped me to connect to myself and God in a time when I didn’t know how but so desperately needed to. She cut through my BS and got to the truth of the matter. I felt like an expansive new person was emerging from the rubble of my past and for the first time ever, I embodied a joyful hope for my future.

The truth was, despite my strict Catholic upbringing, I knew that I was innately intuitive and connected to God more directly than I was taught growing up.

It look time, contemplation, and lots of prayer to bring you my answers to questions that you might have about accessing your intuition. So here we go!


You choose WHERE you get your information: There are energies in the physical and spiritual world that are very low vibration, very high vibration, and everything in between. When you ask for guidance for yourself or others, you decide who or where that information comes from.

You choose HOW you get your information: You intuit Divine guidance through sight, feel, taste, smell, see, and knowing. You communicate with your Divine guidance system through prayer to choose which setting your prefer.

You choose WHEN you get your information: I have very strict guidelines with my Divine guidance system that I am NOT to be bothered with messages unless I have opened sacred space for myself or for clients. Being open to receive intuitive messages 24/7 can be very overwhelming and exhausting so this needs to be managed according to your preference.

You choose WHAT information you receive: Many clients have encountered various experiences, dreams, or imagery as young children that brought them fear because they didn’t understand what was happening. They decided to move their intuition switch to “OFF” as they weren’t supported in their experience or didn’t have the tools to manage it as they desired.

In my 7 Week Accessing Your Intuition Group Coaching Program you will be supported in your journey to access direct connection to your Divine guidance system to start living a life of connection, service, and authenticity! I’ll give you step by step instructions to make sure that you are receiving guidance from who you want, when you want it, and how you want it, in a way that best works for YOU!

Being connected to my Divine guidance system has changed my life in a very profound way, and I’m excited to be share this tool with you. 🙂

Much love and light to you today,